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Richard Zampella, Managing Partner

Richard Zampella is the founder and Managing Partner of Transmultimedia, Inc., and is responsible for the management and business development of the company. Richard works directly with clients to identify, implement, anticipate and deliver technical solutions that maximize client's bottom lines. Richard has over 20 years of experience in technology, entertainment, licensing & marketing related fields.

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Social media is not an online fad, it is a proven method to reach your market base. Transmultimedia recognizes the power of social media both for our clients' needs and as a powerful way to connect and interact on a daily basis. We invite you to follow us and see how we leverage our social media interaction to drive traffic to our client's sites with time sensitive offers. We have comprehensive knowledge of all social media outlets, and we focus on six social media providers: Twitter, Facebook, Google +, You Tube, Instagram and Pinterest. Facebook and Twitter rank in the top 10 for traffic with Google at the top of US and worldwide traffic rankings.

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Mobile searches have quadrupled in the last year according to Google. Transmultimedia writes programing language that allows your products and services to be delivered to a hand held user. If your content cannot get down to the hand held level, you are missing one of the largest segments of potential customer.

Mobile Apps

Mobile & Tablets

The world is going mobile, and more so each and every day, with literally millions of new Smartphone activations and tablets daily. A very sizeable portion of your market base has gone mobile, and this portion is growing by leaps and bounds on a daily basis. Transmultimedia write compliant code for Mobile Apps.

Google Ad words


Small businesses on Long Island are turning to a pay per click in order to gain a share of the internet marketplace. If you want to target qualified, relevant traffic to your website, you cannot afford wasting valuable time, energy and money on a flat marketing campaign that is not effective and does not grab anyone's attention.


There are many Internet marketing companies that make promises and assurances about results that they cannot attain for clients. We often have to undo damage for clients that has been performed in crude or unskilled manners. Why should you go with Transmultimedia? Of all the reasons, you are guaranteed competent results. We treat our clients as strategic partners. We will come into you business and immerse ourselves with your business and products. We are intimately invested in the success of our clients' businesses as well as helping them become proficient in the tools and technology necessary to ensure long-term profitability. We don't want to set up a relationship where you become dependent on us for every little change to your website. While we will always be here to support you, our goal is to make you as self-sufficient as possible. Call Richard Zampella at 917-280-6483